1. details from my piece for ‘The book of the garden’ 

    about the show:

    Book of the Garden showcases works on paper by five emerging contemporary artists. The show will feature individual works by the artists, and a large-scale collaborative collage by the group.  Although coming from diverse backgrounds, and using different approaches, these artists are unified by their love of paper and plant life. 

    The show is about seeking knowledge, about mystery, about being humble under the wing of the earth. Collecting, grafting, observing, drawing, and cataloguing, are all part of the pseudo-scientific process of art making for Book of the Garden. There is also a healthy dose of magic and mystery.

    We are each dreamers, with a lot to learn, who are compelled to make things in an effort to connect with and understand the world around us. 

    Opening at 6pm on Jan 8, running until Jan 30 at The Stable Gallery.

    Alexandra Palmer-Bull
    Priya Vunaki-Singh
    Gonzalo Celballos
    Brain Foetus
    Elissa Ritson

    (Source: brainfoetus)

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