1. Anonymous asked: i think brandy melville copied your design onto a shirt? the face crying into a river embroidery one.. just wanted to tell u x

    Thank you so much for letting me know kind thing. Unfortunately the flip side to using a platform like the Internet is that it leaves artists susceptible to copyright violation all the time. I have contacted them… will tell you how THAT goes.  x


  2. flight

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  3. sketchbook bit

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  4. details

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  6. 'Incubation' 2014 (4.8 X 3.4 meters ) indian ink  and posca on butchers paper adhered to gallery wall

    Photo courtesy of Sawtooth Ari gallery. 

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  9. tom in my room

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  10. Put this guy up at the abandoned train station in Railton the other day

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  12. having a play with a found landscape on canvas 

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