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    Some of my favourite LPs.

    Molly Turner is my super talented art babe friend and she is cool as fuck check her out



    In life, mistakes are made. No one is above making them. not even companies. It is my belief that it is how someone goes about handling their mistake , whether they choose to admit it or ignore it, and how they remedy it, that is the true mark of character. 

    As you know, A few days ago I made a post on this place speaking out about the plagiarism of one of my designs by a company called Brandy Melville. I expressed my frustration at the fact that my plea for them to resolve the matter had fallen on deaf ears. 

    Thanks to your voices, every single one of you who spoke out on my behalf, supported me and fought this battle right alongside me, I am announcing that Brandy Melville was willing to admit wrong doing immediately. Within two days of my post being on tumblr, I was in negotiation, within three, a licensing contract was signed. 

    Brandy Melville have bought the design, have given me their firm word that they will credit me for it, and provided compensation to me for the period in which the design was retailed without my consent. 

    I have no interest in being vindictive, that’s not in my nature. As an emerging artist I also have no interest in lengthy court battles, legal fees, and the emotional stress of litigation. My wishes were simple - I just wanted the design to be purchased ethically, and for the company to acknowledge that they had done something wrong, and to fix it. To their credit they have. They have even extended an offer for future collaborations if that’s something that i would like to do. 

    The trend of art theft in the fashion industry has reached an epidemic. To any company, anywhere who at one stage or another has “borrowed” from the lowest earning, hardest working sector of society, heed this warning: 





    and to fellow artists:

    Protect your work, be prepared, and don’t be afraid to speak out about your experiences - your outcry could provide your resolution. 

    I am one of the lucky ones. I feel relieved that this is over, and i can get back to work on my group show opening in August. 

    thank you so, so much to everyone. I couldn’t have done it without you. Bless bless. 

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  3. dmickyg said: Pencil & friends seemingly just appear 'round n about experiencing people as if in another dimenation. Dimenationals new old world a new pencils

    The vibe i got from that was “pencils” so i made you a present on the back of a page of a book i am reading.. It’s a picture of a pencil friend that is now your pencil friend, done in pencil. I have also included a sensational pun. Bye! 


  4. Anonymous said: Bravo brain foetus. No one should copy without paying royalties. Helen from Hobart

    Hobart represent! 


  5. Anonymous said: my mama thinks your drawings are beaut. it's a huge compliment from her. I absolutely love love your work. if you had t shirts I would wear mine every day and night. kudos to your talent !

    Maybe i will have to make some just for you (and your mum) xo


  6. Anonymous said: Hi... This is probably a stupid ask, but how do you get the courage to stick your work up in public (don't take this as a 'I hate your work, how dare you' because that's beyond untrue) I've always wanted to try it, but I am soul crushingly shy about trying it and afraid I could get charged with defacing public property (there's 'graffiti' and 'tags' and there's 'street art' and the three are very different, but maybe not law) is there a certain time of day/location checklist you do etc?

    Hello Anonymous sunglasses man!

    Not a stupid question at all. Sticking your work up in public is a fantastic thing to do, and if you’re painstakingly shy about it,  more often than not, it is an anonymous art form and you do not need to feel the vulnerability of having your name attached to what you are doing. In terms of courage…. I am spurred on by the notion of intersecting people’s day to day lives in a gentle way. street art is viewed by many as graffiti or vandalism, but i feel that that mentality has shifted in a major way in recent times, and by most, it is celebrated as breaking away from the exclusivity of an “art world” and instead connecting with the general public. Legally, obviously it’s a grey area… I choose paste ups because I like illustrating by hand in my studio rather than impromptu on the street, and i like the ephemeral nature of paper - the way the work continues to evolve without my involvement… sometimes that is by way of weather damage, sometimes by someone drawing a giant penis on the head of one of my characters. Paste ups , as a general rule, are not permanently damaging to any surface, and can often be considered on par with “bill posting”. Often as not, if anyone yells at you, you can just throw a bucket of water over the wall and remove it immediately… or pretend you thought it was a legal wall. I am not sure where in the world you are, but i believe here in Australia the severity of the legal consequences depends on how much damage you have caused. Also removing street art is prioritised by my council by how offensive or derogatory it is. 

    What i would say to you, little grey face, is to buy a roll of white or coloured book contact and illustrate whatever your deal is onto it, and hand make some stickers because they can be done at any time of the day. you just peel them and slap them really quickly. Most often, people are more curious than angered. I have heard of street artists wearing high vis and doing their stuff in broad daylight , others roam in the late evening or early morning. There is no set rule, just find a method that puts you at ease, and makes you feel good about the world, and the world feel good about what you are contributing to it via your little creations. 

    Hope this helps, sorry it was long, i have had too much coffee today - ping ping ping ping ping 


  7. Anonymous said: Hey Gorgeous! How did you come up with your artist name?!

    Hello! The name ‘Brain Foetus’ came about because that’s what I would refer to a new or developing work as - a “brain foetus” … another way of saying an idea (brain) that is in gestation (foetus), a work in progress.. When i was living in a filthy share house with a courtyard door that lead into an alley way, my friend came and spray painted it really badly. My house mates were bummed out and angry at me because these antics were regular - and bluntly just said “fix it.” I think they meant paint over it or wash it off, but i made a paste up head to remedy the weird alien form that was now lurking on our property. I pasted it, and when it was done, i felt like i wanted to sign it. I searched my mind for a cool name… nothing came…. so i signed it “BRAIN FOETUS” - i guess symbolic to myself that developing a street name was a work in progress in and of itself.

    That was my first paste up, and immediately I had an urge to bring my drawings to life in this way frequently..the idea of enlivening dead space was rad, and paste-ups seemed like a slightly more generous art form than run-of-the-mill illustration, in that street art gives without expectation.  I never had a period to reflect on the kind of pseudonym i wanted so Brain Foetus has stuck and now extends to both street and studio work. In a way, it’s perfect for me… still mentally developing, reliant on growth.


  8. me sitting in my new house

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  9. "Imaginary Friends" now showing at the Devonport Regional Gallery. Shot by Estella Mason 

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  10. this one will soon be travelling to a new home

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  11. Hello x So over the next few days I will be selling some $50 originals to buy some new brushes/paints etc. 

    here is one


  12. So I am learning how to do cut out animation. Only with copious help from my very clever partner in crime. 

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  14. Workin’ for the dole 

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  15. Anonymous said: Put stuff on your Etsy! I need to buy everything! x


    Just for you I will - only, I have a few pressing projects ending in mid June, so if you keep your lovely eyes on this here little internet house, I will tell you when my etsy is alive and awake. It will have some one off hand crafted brooches and beady faces this time and small originals…Also prints of course. But i like the idea of original work, things with a greater understanding of process and presence…. do you?

    for now, let me show you what I have been doing this week. I am constructing some giant paper people for a cool wall at a cool place

    Is it winter where you are? It’s cold here. All the trees are just the skeletons of trees - they’ve lost their clothes. They don’t seem phased and neither am I. be well. xo