1. Made a little poster for Festable - an independent music festival that my friends organise over the new years period. This will be the third year running. Festable has a community vibe and invites local bands to come together to celebrate the talent and creative diversity existing in Tasmania right now. This year it will  be held up north in Weegena. The festival has stunning grounds and a real focus on being inclusive and laid back. it’s like a tiny little Woodstock in the middle of nowhere. If this is something that interests you, you can find out more by travelling to THIS PLACE  

    best of all, a 3 day camping ticket is under $50 

    x i miss you

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  2. Anonymous said: how do you feel about someone getting one of your pieces as a tattoo?

    I am flattered! and totally happy for anyone to get my work tattooed on them on two conditions 

    1) You change nothing 

    2) you send me a photo x  

  3. "incubation" pasted on the walls of Sawtooth ari, 2014

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  4. Anonymous said: Hey did you go to school for art? Where did you study? Or are you henry darger just working of your own experience. I love your work it's completely poetic and lyrical, really beautiful and enigmatic. Keep it up:) I love seeing your posts on instagram

    Hello shy face x 

    I did go to art school for a brief time .. I assumed it was the next logical thread in the tapestry of my love for art.. what i found was the consideration of art in an institutional setting didn’t work for me.. i had problems with the conceptual nature of studying art in this way. It was after I bombed all my subjects and dropped out that i found a way to draw that worked for me. disclaimer: i have absolutely no problem with art school, and i actually pin point my inability to pass more than 1 unit the entire time i was there to my innate laziness and inability to rise before 1pm rather than on the curriculum. 

    As for the Henry Darger aspect, I have read that he was a bit of a recluse and i think that is where he and I are united. 

  5. yay

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  6. imaginary friends , 2014, solo show at the Devonport Regional Gallery

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  10. creepy lurky man 

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  11. Anonymous said: your art reminds me of kendra yee and marlee mcmahon they are both tumblr artists

    really though? i get how you got there .i feel that maybe it’s just a time where illustrators are inspired by similar things… but i find nothing super similar with either of those artists

  12. Siamese twin paste up from an age past  

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  13. paste up for dark mofo

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  14. felix and I looking at the strange creature lurking on the train carriage

  15. my tumblr got sick and malfunctioned. i am just sitting here in a quiet room away from everyone - come find me?

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